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waldhausbrewerytour and bikemarathon

the racingteam wins in 2018 the firmcomp. at the waldhausbikemarathon.
the fabolous price is a brewerytour for 20 persons tasting and afternoontea, afternoonbeer we certanly mean.
the tour is booked for the 1.jun 2019.

the bikemarathon itselfe ist dated to the 2. june
keen to come with us? then contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pro Bier


is the anual beertasting a day before christmasholiday at veloschöpfli.
nice beers, great shows and a fantastic croawd made that a evening to remember.
thanks to everybody who helped to make this happen.
by following link you can see the short film from our ambassador michael maurer:

candervalley rally 02

for candervalley rally it was great to be guest at schwandiride for this year. the wandfluh family organiseda fantastic cx course on their farm. simple and cosy it was for all the racers and spectators.
for a longer time i thinking of organising a alleycat for cvr, so the chance that cvr 03 will end up as a candervalley cat for the next issue is big.

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its no secret that you’ll get more grip with spikes in icyconditions.
you can find special rubbers for colder temperatures and its better floating with wider tyres, come and ask we like to help you to find the best solution for your winterbikeneeds.



a year ago in brescia, massa was selected for ssit 2018. also this year a small swissteam took part in the championchips. we like the cosy and familiar style oft he italiansinglespeedevents because that and the famous trails and great food and beer wich we allways finde. fort he first time we had with karin a supporter with us. she was a great motivator and made some nice photos. with heaps of good luck we had the best results ever with sam i in third in his first ss-race, well done sam. as usual the event ended wit nice food and good laughter. the minds allready looking forward ton ext ssitaly in cx or the upcoming europeanrace in molise in spring.

  • breath takeing event
  • the flow
  • massa
  • team sui
  • podium
  • grande finale
  • champione
  • sam sprints for
  • tigertale

trans ITA


due to my 50th. birthday i decided to go for a good ride out. I booked a ticket with my bike to palermo and wanted to reach massa in tuscany by the end oft he month fort he anual italian singelspeedchamps.
In massa i was 10 days to early so i decided to ride home straight.

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