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1.+2. juni brauereibesichtigung /marathon

Friday, 28 June 2019 brauitour

Sunday, 15 September 2019 3.peaks cx UK

13./15. sept. sscxec blenio sui

Sunday, 13 October 2019 gandrennen frutigen

white chalk hills ucx 31. dez 2016

white chalk hills ucxH

i have seen the whitechalk cliffs in sussex england at the age of 14 for the first time. it’s been a long dream to come back here and ride around on the bike. whitechalkhills ucx offred a great opportunity to do a whole lot of that southdowns cycling.

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cander-valley rally


cander-valley rally is a cycling event for friends.
in the rally we will have 3 tests, a prologue, a uphill ride and a dh tt (with a sharp climb).
the event will be held in a chaotic singlespeed manner.

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ssec 2016 in kobarid slovenien


my friend and organiser dani from slovenia had his birthday on the wednesday before the event started.
to be there for the party wed.eve i had to sneak out of the usual workplan a day before.
(big thanks to beat to keep the business going).
the birthday party was all good !

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sram tech point 2016


this years sram tech-point course was held in schweinfurt germany. two intense days of scooling
brought us forward to serve our customers best on the sram and rock shox produccts.

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