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new mechanic

2018 verstarkung h

anthony hovy is compleating our team for this saison.
the south africa fellow is a keen bikrider and great help at our workplace.
anthony its great to have you in our team.

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veloschöpfli news


frans notta quit the job at veloschöpfli at the end of july. we are thankful for his work he did for us.

his attitude to do the jobs better an better every time fascinated us. thanks frans for your effort you putted in in our business.

samuel trummer, a former golden boy for many years steps in to fill the whole that frans left.
great to have samuel on board. we have no doubts that he will be able to fullfill our high recomandations we ask for. samuel is a cool lad who likes bikes and the outdoors.

nothing new is that our managing director beat is still working for us on full steam. without him,
not sure if the veloschöpfli would still exist. beat, thanks heaps for everything.

  • samuel, on the gas
  • samuel hammering down the sledge

white chalk hills ucx 31. dez 2016

white chalk hills ucxH

i have seen the whitechalk cliffs in sussex england at the age of 14 for the first time. it’s been a long dream to come back here and ride around on the bike. whitechalkhills ucx offred a great opportunity to do a whole lot of that southdowns cycling.

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