Precision for bikes, Passion for people.


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about us

rolf zürcher

name: rolf zürcherrolf

founder, has the last word in veloschöpfli

married to tanja, daddy of sara and chiara

hunter and Gatherer

born: summer 1968

 proffessional experience:

  • electrician apprenticeship at Markus Moser in frutigen
  • Qualifikation as an electrical planer
  • Planning and carrying out of electrical work on the steam ship „Blümlisalp“ renovations.
  • Opening of the „Veloschöpfli Zürcher“  bike shop in Frutigen
  • Winter 1997 (2 Months) Management position at the Bike Shop „Koller“ in Bern.
  • Winter 1998 (two months) Management position at the Bike Shop „Roy Hinnen“ in Bonstetten.

sporting successes:

  • Winner - Belle Epoque icehockey game in Kandersteg
  • Winner - 24hour mountainbike race in Eschlikon / (tandem)
  • Winner - Eiger 88km bike / (tandem)
  • 2x winner – „Green planet“ football tournament
  • Winner – FCT Fanclub competiton
  • 5th place – 24hour mountain bike race in Eschlikon / (solo)
  • 10th place – Freeride Redbull Montfort
  • Trondheim - Oslo / 540km (solo)
  • Oslo-trondheim 540km (tandem)
  • 12th place – mountain bike / Bike Dealer of Europe Marathon Championship
  • Frutigen tv – Recording as a gymnastics crack


  • bike riding, no matter if it’s street or mountain.
  • photography
  • fishing
  • music
  • telemark skiing
  • Ice hockey and football – both playing and watching!
  • seldenl m lawine 68
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