Precision for bikes, Passion for people.


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at veloschöpfli you‘ll finde a great selection of quality bicycles.

due to the large testbike fleet, you‘re able to test the bikes out in the place where you wanna ride them. don‘t buy a bike you‘ve pushed around the parkspot for 2 minutes.

our brands:



felt is an american bicycle manufacturer based in irvine, california. felt produces road, mountain, track, bmx, cyclocross bikes. the company has a strong reputation in the time trial/triathlon bike area. the reigning cyclocross worldchampion Wout Van Aert wins on a felt fx. swiss junior rider sina frei won the eurochamp. on a felt nine hardtail. daniela ryf pedals to her second win in a row at the hawaii ironman on a felt tri-bike.


stevens bikes 

stevens is a german bikebrand from hamburg. our opinion ist that the guys up there make the best e-bikes.
stevens is not only making the best e-bikes they have an outstanding programm in allmoast every bike categorie.
you will hardly find a bikebrand where you get more bike for your money.


TdS Velos

tour de suisse bikes is a à la carte system where you select your bike , parts and color. tour de suisse bike are assembeled in kreuzlingen switzerland.


rocky mountain

rocky mountain bicycles is a canadian bicycle manufacturer based in vancouver.  The company was incorporated in 1981. its name is a reference to the mountain range that stretches from eastern British Columbia to the southwest united states. Rocky Mountain bicycles are widely used by professional cyclists.


mtb cycletech

mtb cycletech is the first name in swiss mountainbike history. the brand is also verry strong when it comes to urban cycling. the touringbike papalangi is known around the globe.



the name puky stands for quality children vehicles, produced in germany. a puky vehicle lasts usally more than a generation.



surly bikes is a designer and importer of bicycles, frames, parts, and accessories based in bloomington, minnesota, established circa 1998. surly is owned by and shares facilities with quality bicycle products (QBP).

the company is well known in bicycle messenger and single-speed culture and helped establish the single speed world championship (SSWC). surly specializes in steel bicycle frames. frames are made in taiwan from 4130 cromoly steel.

distinctive components made by surly include the dingle cog, cranksets with separately detachable spiders, reversible chain tensioner, and the "large marge" an unusually wide bicycle rim. surly also sells lifestyle items such as wool jerseys and flasks bearing the surly designe.


santa cruz

highend bikeframes


focus bikes are made by derbycycles in kloppenburg germany, probably the biggest cyclemanufactur in europe. 



derbycycles delivers us with the raleigh brand aswell. great bikes especially elektrobikes. that brand allows us to have much lower prices for same e-engines than other companies.



the best roadbike i‘ve been ridden to that date. the french brand producces new levels in road- and mountainbikes. look allways was a step ahead since they launched the first cliplesspedal yonks ago.